GOP's bottom not prepared to give adult quarrel opposite 'Obamacare'

Weary Republicans in Washington may be ready to move on from health care, but conservatives across the United States are warning the GOP-led Congress not to abandon its pledge to

The Empty Majority

Yet Republican power endures, and while it’s politically vulnerable, there’s no reason to be sure it can’t survive the

GOP fears domestic fallout after health caring 'epic fail'

But that's simply not an option for a conservative base energized by its opposition to the health law. Local party leaders, activists and political operatives are predicting payback for

Phony federalism: On health care, GOP leaves unwashed work to states

Republican congressional leaders have offered health insurance solutions based on phony federalism.

In Maine, Gov. LePage and Sen. Collins provide sharply different views about this way of dealing with health insurance.


Chuck Muth: Laxalt last, best wish for Nevada conservatives to shun electoral annihilation

Chuck Muth of Las Vegas is president of Citizen Outreach and publisher of

The Corner

The proximate reason, of course, for the failure of the GOP effort to repeal and replace

The GOP Is No Longer A 'Conservative' Party

Take the example of Russian provincial nobleman Andrei Chikhachev, who inherited serfs but recognized it as a system that couldn’t last. He worshiped knowledge, working to expand education for serfs,