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They ‘get the job done:’ Immigrants have founded more than one-third of Bay Area unicorns, study finds

When people think of Uber, they don’t necessarily think about how it was founded by an immigrant. But if it wasn’t for Garrett Camp, who emigrated from Canada and co-founded the ride-hailing company, Uber wouldn’t exist. Immigrants are a prominent ...

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Sex and blackmail alleged in lawsuit over sale of pipe coating manufacturer

LaBarge Coating LLC is based in St. Louis but has 200 acres in the Houston area in Channelview with two facilities that make pipe coating for oil and gas companies around the world.

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UH College of Medicine receives degree approval from Texas board

The University of Houston is one step closer to launching its College of Medicine. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board unanimously approved UH’s Doctor of Medicine degree on Oct. 25, according to a press release. But there are still several ...

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New SAT scores report shows Maryland students outperform national averages

Maryland's high school class of 2018 outscored the national average on the SAT last year. Students who took the test in Maryland earned a mean score of 1080, which is higher than the national mean score of 1068. New data released by the College Board...

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Central Pacific Bank’s revenues increase 28 percent in Q3 2018

Central Pacific Financial Corp., the Honolulu-based parent of Central Pacific Bank, saw net income increase by 28.6 percent for the quarter ending Sep. 30. Hawaii’s fourth-largest bank reported net income of $15.2 million, or 52 cents per diluted shar...

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