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New state apprenticeship program aimed at cybersecurity

The University System of Georgia (USG) and U.S. Department of Labor have entered into a partnership aimed at increasing the number of skilled workers who pursue a career in cybersecurity. The agreement will set up a system of standards the state's pub...

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Discovery lands on Pluto TV in first ad-supported streaming deal

For the first time, Discovery Inc. has licensed its content to an ad-supported streaming service: Pluto TV. The non-exclusive, multiyear deal will bring a selection of TV series from Discovery’s portfolio of cable networks to Pluto TV’s free platform ...

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These top pro athletes are planning to score in business

When it comes to professional sports, the payouts are huge. So what's a player to do with all that green? Invest it, of course. For instance, when Stephen Curry renewed his contract in July 2017, the Warriors' superstar signed on for $201 million over...

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Tesla Semi picks up another big backer, the country’s 2nd-largest grocery chain

Grocery giant Albertsons is buying 10 Tesla Semi trucks, and plans to operate them in Southern California. Albertsons will add the new, all-electric delivery trucks to its fleet of more than 1,400 trucks nationwide. “Advancing supply chain efficienc...

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LeBron James’ ‘Space Jam’ sequel scores California tax credits

LeBron James won’t have to venture far from the Staples Center when he shoots “Space Jam 2.” The sequel to the basketball comedy starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes will shoot in Los Angeles thanks to $22 million in tax credits from the state...

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Why Reed Cordish is investing in a Baltimore sports management agency

Reed Cordish, a principal for Baltimore-based developer the Cordish Cos., is investing in a local sports management agency at the start of what he says "will be a very impressive growth cycle." Cordish plans to announce his investment in the Federal ...

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Boeing launches joint ventures to enter airplane seat and power unit business

Boeing has launched its partnerships to vertically integrate production of aircraft seats with Adient and auxiliary power units with Safran. Plane seats alone will be a $6 billion business by 2026, Boeing says.

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Medical College’s McCrea joins $14.7M concussion study funded by NFL

Medical College of Wisconsin professor Michael McCrea is a co-principal investigator in a $14.7 million, five-year study on potential long-term neurologic health consequences of concussions and sub-concussive injuries sustained by former NFL players. ...

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In the money Nov. 19: Four Austin-area companies collect more than $16M

Keep a close eye on these businesses that are raising funds and doing deals. These filings and securities filings can be a treasure trove for salespeople and brokers in need of leads and job seekers interested in going somewhere new.

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How a Raleigh entrepreneur scored a ‘Shark Tank’ deal with Mark Cuban

For Raleigh entrepreneur Jon Hayes, the “Shark Tank” appearance that scored investment dollars from celebrity investor Mark Cuban started with an email. “It was random,” he admits, recalling a day in February when he received an unsolicited note from ...

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