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Movie Review: ‘Green Book’ is, unexpectedly, one of best — if not the best — movies of the year

Being a native Atlantan, I grew up in the last gasp of the despicable Jim Crow South. However, there were things I learned from the remarkable movie, “Green Book,” that I never knew. Things like: — Nat King Cole was physically assaulted while playing...

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Here’s who donated the most money to Ohio State this year (countdown)

Ohio State University saw a record-breaking $601 million in donations in its last fiscal year. The gifts ranged from donations for education, medicine and research, athletics and scholarships. Nearly 270,000 donors, the majority of whom are Ohio Stat...

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Atlanta United give city first major sports championship since 1995

If there was a sports curse in Atlanta, it's been broken. In just its second year of existence, Atlanta United FC exorcised the demons of both the city and the team's owner, Arthur Blank, with a 2-0 win in the MLS Cup Saturday night in front of anothe...

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