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Beauty Brands files for bankruptcy, closing 2 Colorado locations

Beauty Brands had positioned itself as the "hair authority," offering a full-service hair salon and spa as well as retail. That powerful combination is what made the company unique, CEO Caryn Lerner said during a previous interview.  But it appears th...

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Boom Supersonic secures $100 million in funding to build new ultra-fast jet

Alaska Airlines partner Japan Airlines has also invested $10 million in Boom and pre-ordered 20 aircraft, joining Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group as a future operator of the Boom supersonic jets.

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Apple takes shot at rivals at giant Las Vegas consumer tech confab

Apple Inc. has a big message at the giant 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week and it's aimed at Google, Amazon.com Inc., Facebook Inc. and its other tech rivals. "What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone," a 13-story signs s...

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D.C. pregnancy app raises $6M to enter new markets

When former Deloitte consultants Anish Sebastian and Juan Pablo Segura started Babyscripts in 2014, they set out to better connect expectant mothers with their doctors. Now they’re broadening that scope with $6 million in fresh funding. Dutch health t...

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Boosting personal productivity benefits small-business owners in two major ways

Recent studies show that if a small-business owner can be more productive, there’s a big benefit for both the owner and the business.  The Alternative Board found that 63 percent of business owners work more than 50 hours a week but only one-third of ...

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