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Bay Area health-care organization reaches $610 million deal to sell four hospitals

Nonprofit healthcare system Verity Health has reached a potential breakthrough in its Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings with an agreement to sell four of its six hospitals for $610 million to a group based in Southern California. Two of the four hospi...

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Oregon state employees have richer benefits and pay less than neighboring states, report says

Oregon state employees contribute less to their premiums than state employees in Washington, Idaho and Nevada, according to the report from Milliman.

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Tesla laying off 7% of its workforce, its second mass cut in less than a year

Tesla Inc. is cutting more than 3,000 people from its payroll — roughly 7 percent of its global workforce — to cut costs and remain profitable, CEO Elon Musk said in an all-hands email today. In his note, Musk warned investors that the company would e...

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MillerCoors hires Kraft Heinz brand leader as chief marketing officer

MillerCoors has hired its first female chief marketing officer. The Chicago-based beer company with significant Milwaukee operations named Michelle St. Jacques its new CMO, the brewer announced Friday. St. Jacques, who has nearly two decades of brand ...

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Regions Financial Corp. posts $390 million profit in fourth quarter

Regions Financial Corporation (NYSE:RF) reported a $390 million profit in the fourth quarter, as well as a profit of more than $1.5 billion for 2018. The fourth-quarter earnings represented a 28 percent increase compared to the fourth quarter in 2017....

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Ocean Spray zeroes in on tiny things in ad from Energy BBDO Chicago

Ocean Spray, the cranberry growers cooperative founded way in back in 1930, is definitely going in a different — and rather odd — direction in the first ad campaign from the grower cooperative’s new ad agency of record Energy BBDO Chicago. Energy BBDO...

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