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State Street to lay off 1,500 in turn toward automation

State Street Corp. plans to lay off approximately 1,500 employees in “high-cost locations" and ramp up efforts to automate its services to clients, the company said Friday. State Street has 1,220 full-time-equivalent employees in the Kansas City area,...

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Dan Snyder buys $100M yacht with onboard Imax theater

Any fan of Washington’s NFL team knows owner Dan Snyder is happy and willing to throw money at high-profile free agents. Snyder has now tossed some of his personal fortune into another kind of flashy purchase. And, boy, is this one extravagant. Acco...

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GM’s Texas-based finance arm is taking on the banks

Six years ago, the relatively new Fort Worth, Texas-based finance arm of auto giant General Motors waded into the business of making back-office loans to dealerships for their inventory and sometimes real estate deals. In the next two years, GM Financi...

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Santa Clara University launches its biggest fundraising campaign, targets $1B goal

The fundraising effort — officially called the Campaign for Santa Clara University: Innovating with a Mission — has been operating in stealth mode for more than for four years and has so far raised more than $570 million.

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America’s public schools seldom bring rich and poor together – and MLK would disapprove

Five decades after the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., many carry on his legacy through the struggle for racially integrated schools. Yet as King put it in a 1968 speech, the deeper struggle was “for genuine equality, which means economic equa...

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