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Are you the gambling type? Sports betting bill in works at Arizona Legislature

A bill introduced at the Arizona State Capitol would allow sports betting at tribal casinos across the state, but also inside bars, clubs and a number of other businesses, including horse tracks and professional sports stadiums.

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U.S. car and truck makers are braced for a downshift this year, but here’s what sold like hotcakes in 2018

U.S. auto manufacturers predict new-vehicle sales will hit a five-year low in 2019 amid rising interest rates and escalating trade tensions abroad. Industry analysts anticipate U.S. auto sales will drop to 16.8 million units this year, down roughly 50...

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Austin’s biggest annual events — from pride parades to monster music festivals

There's a lot of fun to be had in the coming year in Austin — and capitalism. We recently updated our annual list of the largest festivals and events. Subscribers can see the list here, which is packed with data and dates, and anyone is free to take a...

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Ten CEOs and founders will learn to fly a jet suit in Atlanta

It might sound like a kid’s wildest dream, but it’s already come true — you can now fly like Iron Man. Well, a select few people, that is. Gravity.co has developed a personal jet suit and will be partnering with Vestigo, a local startup that provides ...

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