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Peek inside the supersonic jet Boeing just backed (Photos)

Reno, Nevada-based Aerion — a competitor of a Boston-based jet startup — plans to build a supersonic passenger jet that flies at speeds as high as Mach 1.4, or around 1,000 mph. View photos of the jet, inside and out.

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Regeneron profits double ahead of $800 million expansion

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals profits doubled to $2.44 billion last year amid growing demand for medications that treat eye disease, asthma and eczema. Sales of macular degeneration drug Eylea grew 10 percent to $4.08 billion in the United States. Meanwhi...

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Phoenix Business Journal hires multimedia advertising strategist

The Phoenix Business Journal’s new multimedia strategist Allyssa Wanser, who recently joined the publication's advertising department, never actually planned to have a career in marketing. Wanser grew up in a small, rural town in northern New York and...

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