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Electrolux told local leaders about a new product line. Instead, they closed the plant. Here’s what happened.

On two December calls with local leaders, Electrolux officials reiterated their commitment to Memphis. But, six weeks later, they announced the plant would close instead.

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5 good reads: Investors and buyers increasingly are shopping for KC companies

Kansas City has long celebrated entrepreneurs, but it hasn’t always come through with the money needed to help promising young companies grow. But that’s changing — bringing the possibility of funding and keeping companies here, while also expanding th...

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Niagara University establishes location in Vaughan, Ontario

Niagara University has established a new 12,000-square-foot location in Vaughan, Ontario, just north of Toronto. The location – which will be an addition to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre in the city's downtown core – is part of the Niagara Universit...

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Be a part of advertising’s biggest trends for 2019 to help stay ahead of your competition

2018 was a year of massive change in the advertising industry. We watched TV join the ranks of digital-only companies in audience-targeting capabilities and affordability. We also watched some really, really good ads and were reminded of just how impo...

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6 reasons business owners need a transition plan

Why do business owners need a transition plan? Below are six core reasons. 1. Transitioning out of a business likely is the most important financial transaction of an owner’s life. 2. Transitioning out of a business is complex. 3. The financial secu...

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