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Foxconn’s Mitchell preaches flexibility, speed even amid uncertainty

Amid uncertainty about Foxconn Technology Group's commitment to Wisconsin, a key stateside official preached flexibility to local manufacturers Thursday. Bill Mitchell, CEO of Foxconn distribution company Aguila and a vice president of business operat...

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Indian, Jack Daniel’s will bring back hot-selling co-branded motorcycle (gallery)

Indian Motorcycle, Jack Daniel’s and motorcycle designer Klock Werks Kustom Cycles released a video Thursday announcing that the companies will team up again to produce a Jack Daniel's limited-edition Indian motorcycle for 2019. The video posted to Yo...

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Former Grand Canyon University owner cautious in signing new partners

Brian Mueller, the CEO of Grand Canyon Education, told analysts this week that he recently spurned two potential partnership because they might cannibalize enrollment at GCU — which surged in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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The Bay Area’s 10 most valuable baseball contracts

If big-ticket salaries translated directly into big-league wins, the San Francisco Giants would be soaring and the Oakland A's struggling. The four highest-paid Giants players will combine to make more in 2019 than the entire 25-man A's roster did in ...

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Swedish biotech firm will establish HQ next to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa

A Sweden-based biotech company that focuses on immunotherapy announced it will establish its U.S. headquarters in Tampa. Vycellix Inc., which was founded by leading medical researchers at Sweden’s world renowned Karolinska Institutet, said its team i...

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New health chancellor wants Ohio State to lead the charge in transforming medicine

Dr. Hal Paz, incoming executive vice president and chancellor for health affairs at Ohio State University, says the academic medical center and interdisciplinary school around it can transform medicine.

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Pair of bills would require additional financial disclosures from Kaiser, large employer health plans

Two bills introduced in the California Legislature this week aim to shed additional light on financial disclosures from Kaiser Permanente and large group health plans. Assembly Bill 731 would require large group health plans to comply with the state’...

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Apple files patent for foldable iPhone, on the eve of foldable Samsung Galaxy (images)

Apple Inc. is joining the other major phone manufacturers in the next big trend: foldable smartphones. Last week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published preliminary drawings of a new Apple screen that’s theoretically capable of folding in half...

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