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Spirit AeroSystems to maintain current 737 rate amid Boeing cut

Spirit AeroSystems Inc. on Friday said that it has worked out a logistical plan with the Boeing Co. that will greatly mitigate the local impact of the planned reduction of 737 aircraft output later this month.  Boeing on Friday announced that it would...

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How Portland-area startups captured attention from 3 heavy-hitting investors

Like most startup leaders, Pacific Northwest entrepreneurs frequently need access to capital. For those in Portland, it took years of convincing out-of-town investors it's worth their time to stop in the Rose City. The local investment landscape has ...

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Why media outlets around Oregon are ‘breaking the silence’ on suicide

For the next week, the Portland Business Journal and dozens of other media outlets around Oregon will be tackling a tough subject: suicide. In 2017, more than 47,000 Americans died by suicide and half a million received medical care for self-inflicted...

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Where are those stadium renderings? #MLS4THELOU says to expect them by months’ end

#MLS4THELOU, the ownership group seeking to bring a Major League Soccer expansion team to St. Louis, told the Business Journal Friday that it plans to publicly release renderings by the end of this month for its proposed soccer stadium just west of Uni...

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Chinese 5G will be a ‘loaded gun’ of cyber concerns, NSA official says

Though the tech sector has been gearing up for 5G opportunities, it’s the cybersecurity liabilities that Jon Darby has his eye on. Darby, the director of operations at the National Security Agency, says widespread concern that China will use its influ...

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Bank of America seeks to hire ‘returning talent’ to the workforce after they raise kids, care for parents

A San Francisco recruiter says BofA's program signals that it's getting easier for professionals to return to work after leaving the workforce for family reasons.

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Battle erupts between minority business owners and Portland Medicaid transportation provider

A group of minority business owners who provide non-emergency transportation for Medicaid enrollees in Portland is crying foul. They fear they are being discriminated against based on race and claim they are owed more than $800,000 in back payments fr...

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College admissions scandal leader Rick Singer sells house for $2.5M

William “Rick” Singer, the Newport Beach businessman who allegedly orchestrated a college admissions bribery scandal, has reportedly sold his house for $2.525 million and will forfeit the proceeds from the sale to the federal government. Singer sold h...

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