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Cincinnati TV news anchors tie the knot

A pair of longtime Cincinnati TV news personalities have officially tied the knot. WLWT-TV’s Sheree Paolello and Mike Dardis, who co-anchor four evening broadcasts, were married Friday night in Mount Adams, according to a social media post from Paolel...

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When trademark rights and bankruptcy collide

Toys “R” Us, Payless, The Limited, Bloomingdale’s, Sears, Shopko. Almost every month brings news of another large company declaring bankruptcy. But what happens to you if you are currently a business partner to a company that declares bankruptcy? How...

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How much is a Twinkie really worth?

They say one’s life amounts to the items present on a headstone: •The start date – one’s birthday. •The dash – one’s life. •The end date – one’s death. Hostess’ start date was some time in 1849. The dash can only be described as tumultuous. Suppor...

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