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4 ways airlines can win more customers — and their loyalty

I can hail a ride literally at the touch of a button. I can order whatever kind of food I want to be delivered to wherever I am. I don’t even have to decide what I want to watch anymore, because it’s recommended to me. But the overall airport experi...

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Airbus leads $70M round for Herndon satellite startup

John Serafini has his head up and pockets full looking toward 2021. The CEO of HawkEye 360 has plenty of runway to work with, as the spacefaring Herndon startup announces a $70 million Series B funding round led by Airbus. HawkEye uses formation-flyi...

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Proptech can do more for real estate than save energy

Proptech — using information technology to manage real estate — is also a tool for businesses to recruit and retain top talent, according to Brandon Tinianov, vice president of industry strategy at Milpitas, California-based View Inc.

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