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Are esports really a sport?

Esports have burst into the mainstream world, with some gamers earning millions a year, but the uber-competitive gaming landscape begs the question: are esports really a sport? To some many sports fans, the debate is laughable, since esports players ...

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New St. Louis soccer team has women-majority ownership

Major League Soccer's newest team in St. Louis is making history without ever playing a match. The new St. Louis club will be the first in MLS history to be majority-owned by women. Carolyn Kindle Betz, president of Enterprise Holdings Foundation, is...

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U.S. Steel plans layoffs at Michigan plant

U.S. Steel is laying off workers in Michigan after idling a blast furnace. According to our sister publication in Pittsburgh, the steelmaker laid off 27 part-time employees at the Michigan facility in late July and another 21 mostly full-time employee...

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