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Peloton is a phenomenon. Can it last?

Exercise manias like the Thighmaster and Tae Bo have all come and gone. Peloton, which is preparing to go public is trying to defy that trend, even as it battles new competitors and and signs that the indoor cycling craze is dying down.

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Woodfin unveils more details on free tuition program

The city of Birmingham’s new Birmingham Promise initiative will allow graduates of Birmingham City Schools to attend public colleges or universities in Alabama tuition free starting with the class of 2020. As we’ve previously reported, the Birmingham ...

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Why Lannett’s stock opened up 36% this morning

Lannett Co. Inc.'s stock opened up more than 36% Monday after the Northeast Philadelphia generic drug company announced it has entered into the deal to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of an antifungal medicine. The company's stock opened at $8.22 pe...

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