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What’s Wichita missing? You have your ideas

It was a simple question. The answers range from simple to extremely complex. What's Wichita missing? You have your opinions. More than 110 readers chimed in with their opinions to our WBJ survey. Some responses were age-old problems that the city ei...

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Honeycomb Credit enters Detroit

Pittsburgh-based crowdfunding website Honeycomb Credit on Thursday said it has launched operations in Detroit. Michigan is now the fourth state in which Honeycomb operates, joining Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York. The first campaign in the newest re...

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Federal cannabis industry banking bill hits a snag

A federal banking bill desperately sought by the cannabis industry has hit a snag just when a breakthrough appeared close. Ironically, it’s progressives — not conservatives — who are trying to slow down the legislation. As things now stand, federal ...

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