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Honoree: Tashni-Ann Dubroy

Two moments in Tashni-Ann Dubroy’s career stand out most for her. First, she recalls feeling on top of the world when she earned her doctorate in physical organic chemistry at 26. And eight years later, she says she was humbled to accept an appointme...

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Honoree: Anne Kress

Don’t count Anne Kress as one of Greater Washington’s many pandemic presidents for a higher education institution. She, after all, had started a full two months before Covid hit. But starting her role as the sixth president of Northern Virginia Commu...

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Honoree: Kathryn Falk

Kathryn Falk says that on a scale of 100, when it comes to loving change, she is a 99. That’s not a guess. It’s the actual score this Cox Communications vice president received on The Birkman Method personality test she took at work while leading the N...

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