Ally of Milo Yiannopoulos wins control of California College Republicans

In a closely divided election, a UC Irvine tyro who led an rebellion opposite investiture politics won a bitter conflict Saturday for control of a California College Republicans, a delight for provocative conservatism over a some-more assuage approach.

Ariana Rowlands, an fan of worried provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, led a line-up called Rebuild, that advocates assertive actions in campus enlightenment wars and holding on college administrators and liberals who try to conceal a regressive voice.

Her opponent, USC connoisseur Leesa Danzek, works for a centrist Republican state legislator, favors inclusion and encourages students to assistance GOP possibilities with phone banking and electioneering. She headed a Thrive line-up and had led a state organization, that supports about 70 campus chapters, over a final year.

Rowlands degraded Danzek, 88-64, in a initial contested choosing in scarcely a decade though a 14-member executive house finished adult uniformly separate between a dual sides. The divide between them reflects a inhabitant conflict between GOP investiture insiders and insurgents desirous by Trump.

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