Best and misfortune preparation news of 2015 — a teacher’s list


Larry Ferlazzo is a maestro clergyman of English and amicable studies during Luther Burbank High School in Sacramento, California.  Every year he writes a list of a best/worst preparation news of a year — and here’s what he has come adult with for 2015. Ferlazzo has created eight books on education, writes a teacher recommendation blog for Education Week Teacher and has his possess renouned resource-sharing blog. See if his list resembles your own. What did he miss?


By Larry Ferlazzo

It’s time again for an annual summation of preparation news. As usual, we don’t assume to contend it’s all-encompassing, so we wish you’ll take time to share your possess choices. I’ll list a ones we consider are a best first, followed by a worst. It’s too tough to arrange them within those categories, so I’m not inventory them in any order.


The Best Education News Of 2015

* Seattle teachers went out on strike and won an well-developed list of changes, including guaranteed recess for facile propagandize students and an in-depth hearing of equity issues such as a jagged series of suspensions handed out to students of color.

* Momentum continues to build for augmenting use of restorative practices in propagandize over punish-and-suspend. Similar movement continued for augmenting a use of Social-Emotional Learning  (two new glorious reports on SEL were issued over a past year), yet there’s a disastrous to that found in a “bad” territory of this post, too.

* The Washington State Supreme Court motionless that taxpayer-funded charter schools are unconstitutional. The box competence yield a blueprint to opponents in other areas. I, and many others, are understanding of charters a approach they were creatively dictated to work — as laboratories for, and not “creamers” from, open schools. Perhaps this box and others competence force licence advocates to simulate on that strange purpose.

* States have begun final that high propagandize exit exams are mortal to a preparation and to a lives of students, and have separated them. In my possess state of California, Gov. Jerry Brown sealed a bill into law that could concede 40,000 students who had denied diplomas to accept them retroactively.

* U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, a designer of many policies that negatively impacted students, families and teachers, resigned. That’s a good news. The bad news is that, yet everybody should be given a possibility to uncover what they can do, things don’t demeanour like they’ll get many improved under his successor.

* The U.S. high propagandize graduation rate increasing for a fourth true year. Some districts competence be fudging their numbers a bit but, overall, it still looks like good news.

* Student protests in support of secular justice, opposite propagandize closings, and around other issues had success in a United States and in other parts of a world, mostly with clergyman and primogenitor allies.

* Renowned preparation author and researcher Linda Darling-Hammond’s announced her retirement from Stanford to start an considerable new preparation “think tank” called The Learning Policy Institute. You can review her outline of it here. Its list of comparison investigate fellows looks like a “who’s who” of gifted and on-going preparation researchers in a country. we can’t wait to see a regulation of their work!

* Momentum competence be building, during slightest in some areas, to mislay tyro exam scores from a purpose in clergyman evaluations. It appears that New York is nearby determining on a four-year moratorium of their use in that formula.

* Educators responded to tragedy and injustice by ancillary students traffic with a military murders of Freddie Gray in Baltimore and Laquan McDonald in Chicago, and a church killings in Charleston.

* Kevin Johnson, a Mayor of Sacramento and a chairman who has finished many to repairs a city’s open schools, declined to run for re-election following broadside of past allegations of passionate misconduct. At one indicate he and Michelle Rhee, his wife, were a two-person “school reform” wrecking crew, yet it appears that apart actions taken by any have shop-worn their credit over repair.

* Democratic presidential Hillary Clinton questioned a role of licence schools and criticized a use of tests in clergyman evaluations. If elected, it appears that she competence be formulation a break from Obama administration preparation policies.

* The Every Student Succeed Act, a inheritor to No Child Left Behind, was sealed into law. Though it is by no means perfect (I’m not during all crazy about how it will impact English Language Learners), we tend to consider it will be an improvement.

* Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg announced a $45 billion Chan Zuckerberg Initiative with an emphasis on education. He says he’s schooled from his mistakes. Call me naive, yet I’m carefree he has…

* Teachers, both in a United States and in other parts of a world, supposing caring and preparation to refugees journey violence in Central America and a Middle East.   The bad news is that those numbers don’t uncover any pointer of abating

* Millions of students had good training practice in their schools this year.


The Worst Education News Of 2015

* Research found that many states are spending reduction on schools than they did before a recession, and there is incredible appropriation inequities between schools in lower-income and higher-income areas.

* Changes in a GED by Pearson resulted in passing rates plummeting in many areas by as many as 90 percent. As a result, thousands of primarily low-income people did not obtain a badly-needed high propagandize equivalency certificate and had their mercantile prospects exceedingly damaged.

* Despite open warnings from some of a many obvious researchers of Social-Emotional Learning that there are not now accurate ways to measure those skills, a Every Student Succeed Act encourages their use. Even a general PISA exam is removing into a act by formulation a weird intrigue to magnitude tyro partnership by pairing them adult anonymously during a exam to solve a problem. Speaking of bad news associated to SEL, there still seems to be an bid by some to pull it as a “blame a victim” plan to reinstate support for adequate amicable process measures. I’ve called it a Let Them Eat Character perspective; Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman coined a opposite tenure this year for that kind of opinion – The Laziness Dogma.

* Schools became more segregated, and they have been moving in that instruction given 1990. This is bad news for students, families, teachers and a whole society.

* Billionaire Eli Broad began gearing adult for a $500 million debate to  emanate scarcely 300 new licence schools, that would irreparably repairs a Los Angeles open propagandize system.

* Speaking of billionaires working badly, a Walton Foundation announced plans to boost support for skeleton like Broad’s opposite a country, a Gates Foundation wants to now disaster around with teacher prep programs, and David Geffen motionless that UCLA needed $100 million for a private center and high propagandize on a campus.

* Who didn’t see a video of a military officer assault on a South Carolina high propagandize student? That awful occurrence began to strew light on a widespread and inapt use of a military to make classroom management, as good as broader questions about a purpose of officers in schools, and quite with how they describe to students of color. Similar questions have been lifted in California when a new news suggested that military in San Bernardino have done 30,000 arrests in schools over a past 10 years.

* Teacher Amy Berard common a story that gives only about each clergyman nightmares in her must-read “I Am Not Tom Brady” blog post during a EduShyster blog. In it, she recounts being compulsory to wear a microphone in her ear while a cabinet of adults lay during a behind of a room and give her instructions on what to do and contend to students.

* A large new investigate on online licence schools found that a regulation were so terrible that “it is literally as if a child did not go to propagandize for an whole year.”

* Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett pled guilty to a kickback intrigue she organised before she resigned. In one of a emails she sent while negotiating a kickbacks, she wrote, “I have fee to compensate and casinos to visit.”

* The Nevada legislature approved a bill vouchsafing relatives take their child from a open propagandize and use taxpayer income to compensate fee during a private or eremite propagandize – or even for homeschooling.

* For a initial time in during least  fifty years, in 2015 a infancy of open propagandize students came from low-income families.

* Muslim students are being harassed in schools — that should be a protected breakwater — since of anti-Muslim violence in a United States. At slightest a U.S. Attorney General is perplexing to respond to these terrible acts. And a atmosphere is not helped by over-reactions to tyro assignments of essay in Arabic.

* There is a flourishing teacher shortage in many areas. It’s even done some longtime teacher-bashers consternation if teacher-bashing contributed to creation training a reduction appealing profession.

* Ten Atlanta educators concerned in a test-cheating liaison perceived unfairly extensive jail sentences (even after some were reduced).

* The Supreme Court done a bad preference to hear the Friedrichs case which, if they order in preference of a plaintiffs (the expected outcome) will eviscerate open worker unions, including teachers associations.

* Students, their families and communities had to understanding with terrible incidents of injustice and murder. The other side of those tragedies was that educators stepped adult to support students traffic with a military murders of Freddie Gray in Baltimore and Laquan McDonald in Chicago, a church killings in Charleston, and in other areas.

* Millions of students should have gotten a improved preparation than they received.

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