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What Tesla’s expanded Austin play means for SA region

Some economic development experts believe Tesla’s move to Austin will cause more auto industry and tech-related companies to look to the Interstate 35 corridor and as far south as San Antonio as they search for a place to plant their own flag.  “Tesla...

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Electric dirt bike maker Volcon goes public, raises $17M

Austin-area electric dirt bike and utility terrain vehicle maker Volcon Inc. has fueled its development through venture capital, crowdfunding and pre-sales over the past year. Now, just a few weeks after beginning the process of shipping its first bike...

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Textron Aviation sells 10 more Skyhawks to K-State

Textron Aviation continues to feed the flight school market with its Cessna 172 Skyhawk, with its latest order coming from Kansas State University.  The local Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) division says in a press release that it will deliver 10 more 172s ...

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