Hard-Line Conservatives, GOP Establishment Battle How To Use Budget …

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans running Congress have promised to use every weapon in their arsenal to take down President Barack Obama’s health care law.


Lefty Blogger: The More Conservatives Dominate a Republican Party, a …

The “reformocons,” the small coterie of pundit-adviser-activists trying to coax the Republican Party back toward sanity, politically significant work…But the task of talking sense to the senseless is tricky

Rep. Jordan calls for confidant conservatism in new Congress

WASHINGTON — If only Rep. Jim Jordan would run for House

Conservatives shrug off Bush and Romney, sojourn assured in base-friendly …

Conservative leaders this week shrugged off

Conservatives wish list for GOP shelter includes citizenship, voting bills

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They also want to require a balanced budget, block Obama’s immigration policies and support Israel’s right to attack Iran.

1/14/15 3:44 PM EST


Comparing Obama To Hitler, GOP Congressman Follows Conservative Media …

Criticizing President Obama for not attended the Sunday solidarity march in Paris in the wake of last week's terror attacks, Republican Congressman Randy Weber (R-TX) yesterday took the debate to

Conservatives separate off from Republican Study Committee

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Their new group will include some of the most vocal critics of House GOP leadership.

1/13/15 2:38 PM EST

Updated 1/14/15 12:29 AM

We Have a GOP Leadership Uncomfortable with Reagan Conservatism

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Jeb Vs. Mitt: Good For The GOP

Finally, the Republican Party has two bona fide credible candidates for the Presidency in 2016 and that is good news for both the party and country. The announcements of interest