DHS Shutdown Is Risk Worth Taking, GOP Conservatives Say

The fight to According to "I'm just not that scared of sticking to principles and filling campaign promises that we made back home, irrespective of what leadership tells us

Conservatives not sweating Homeland Security shutdown

Hard-line House GOP conservatives aren’t worried about a looming Department of Homeland Security shutdown as the deadline for congressional action draws near.

Many of the conservative lawmakers who most want

The Forgotten History of Black Republicans

There is a fascinating Saturday Night Live sketch from 1980, a piece almost entirely forgotten by most viewers of the NBC comedy show. The sketch survives in the pop culture

The Republican Party Is Not Your Friend

Still, the trendline seems to favor conservatives. In Congress, conservative reformers are on the rise, though they have not yet reached a critical mass in either chamber. They have grown

Scott Walker Works Under a Radar While Wall Street Journal Touts Big …

RUSH: There is building friction over the Scott Walker ascension in pre-presidential polling for the Republican Party.  The appearance of a bunch of Republican wannabes in Iowa a couple of

GOP Sarah Palin Is Right: Go on Offense, Tout Conservatism.

As I listened to Sarah Palin’s speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, I was elated that she once again displayed her exemplary leadership by not joining the chorus of those

Why does a GOP have a problem with conservatives?

  • Holocaust Survivor Booted From Public Schools

    January 30, 2015