Hillary Clinton Flunks Economics 101

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There is plenty of nuttiness being uttered during this campaign season that gives any sentient voter cause to pause, but sometimes the inanity advances to

The Behavioral Economics of Recycling – Harvard Business Review

We all know we should recycle, but even committed recyclers can be erratic, cleaning and sorting bottles one day, and tossing glass in the trash the next. Why? It

Who Will Win a Nobel Prize in Economics? No One Has a Clue

The latest Nobel prize for economics will be announced Monday, and

Nobel esteem in economics: a tip contenders

Economists are in the dog house after a succession of bad calls, from the failure to spot the 2008 banking crash to the impact of the Brexit vote,

Where a Economics Nobel Came From

In 1951, U.S. central bankers re-established their autonomy after almost two decades of taking orders from the Treasury Department with the

Is Paul Romer in line for a economics Nobel prize?

Sadly for the economist, that hunch is correct.

"We are deeply distressed that a draft test web page, not officially linked to our website, unintentionally became viewable on the web. It

Economics and markets

OPINION polls have taken a bit of a reputational battering in recent years. In Britain, they underestimated the strength of the No campaign in the Scottish referendum

Economics Has a Major Blind Spot – Bloomberg View

The longer I work in the news media, the more I notice a problem with the way economics interacts with the world at large. Just to cite one example, economists

Real World Economics: ‘Terrorism’ isn’t going… – TwinCities.com

Every day in America, indeed around the globe, we collectively substantiate the thoughts of the great 19th-century Swiss military thinker Antoine-Henri Jomini.

Indeed, if he and Osama bin Laden and Muhammed Atta were somehow

The Economics of Dining as a Couple – Bloomberg View

Marriage counselors tell us that couples frequently tie the knot without discussing the core matters that can cement or sunder their marriage: finances, children, religion. Well, let me add one