Trump, LA Mayor Talk Olympics, Infrastructure, Immigration

Los Angeles Mayor

Garcetti's Press Secretary Connie Llanos says the Democrat Garcetti and the Republican Trump had a productive phone conversation on Wednesday.

She says the mayor stressed the important role

Participants in DACA, newcomer driver’s permit programs fear repartee from Trump administration

“I realize they’d be able to find me, regardless,” said Janet, 24. “It is a little scary to know that they do have my address,

Meet a male who could lead Trump’s immigration crackdown

The man thought to be among

Like Trump, ‘Hamilton was an immigration hawk,’ Rush Limbaugh says

If the actors in the hit broadway musical Hamilton knew anything about the real Alexander Hamilton, they might not like him so

Justice Department backs down on immigration, digs in on Obamacare

The Justice Department has begun to suspend court cases over immigration policy, moving to give the Trump administration a chance to weigh in on the legal strategy, but it refused

Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Could Spark a Tech Brain Drain

Trump might commission internal military to turn adult immigrants

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issues rascal warning for immigration scams – WABC

In light of increased fear and anxiety in immigrant communities as a result of the current political climate, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on Tuesday issued a fraud alert warning immigrants

Trump’s Victory May Lead to New Curbs on Legal Immigration

President-elect Donald Trump has fired two shots at legal immigration within two weeks of his upset victory.

First came the U.S. attorney general pick of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, a

There’s a sovereign database of undocumented immigrants like me. Don’t let Trump get it.

Donald Trump spent the presidential campaign promising to kick me and other undocumented immigrants out of the country. Now a federal database created to protect those of us who