Mourning Day: Water is Life, Life is Struggle

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Here we are again. This time the year is

Is there life on Mars? Evidence of aliens might have been found on a Red Planet….in 2007

Evidence of

In 2007, the Spirit rover photographed intriguing finger-like rock formations at the Home Plate plateau, a 300 square foot area in the Gusev crater near the Martian

My Life With Tourette’s Syndrome

Jo Cox murder: Far-Right left-wing Thomas Mair given whole-life judgment for murdering Labour MP

Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary, said she was determined that we challenge extremism in all its forms. She said:

"Jo Cox was a committed and passionate politician, devoted to her two

Is your workplace life word enough?

The healthy consternation that binds a pivotal to a origins of life – and warns of the destruction

Just shy of the westernmost tip of the Australian continent lies a pool that provides an unparalleled window into the origins of life on Earth. In its warm,