Banks contemplate a definition of life as Deutsche agonizes

WASHINGTON It wasn't just Deutsche Bank that was grappling with big questions about the future at the International Monetary Fund meetings in Washington

A scattered day in a life of a Republican Senate candidate

On Saturday morning, as Donald Trump’s campaign for president showed every sign of implosion, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) wanted an apology. An 11-year-old video

‘Stay tighten to a ground’: what chickens taught me about life (and death)

I am sneaking food to the chicken under our kitchen table. It is hunched by my chair leg, a ragged bundle of brown feathers. Mum is too ill

Dad Rock: My life in 10 songs with Mark Jenkins

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UN: Children in ‘life-threatening’ conditions during Nauru

A United Nations 

About 500 people, including 50 children, are stuck in a prison on the tiny Pacific Island nation as they seek asylum in Australia.

The UN Committee on the Rights

Hurricane Matthew lashes Florida, claims initial life

Hurricane Matthew scraped by Florida’s Atlantic coast Friday, unleashing 120-mph winds that left about 600,000 homes without power and claimed at least one storm-related fatality as it bore up the

Alien life could feed on vast rays

Proxima b: Newly detected world ‘likely’ to support life, contend scientists

The discovery of alien life could be a step closer after scientists found a newly discovered planet is “likely” to harbour life forms.

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