Civil Liberties Under Assault in Ferguson As Police Attack Peaceful Protesters

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Glen Ford is a renowned radio-show horde and commentator. In 1977, Ford co-launched, constructed and hosted America’s Black Forum, a initial nationally syndicated Black news pronounce module on blurb television. In 1987, Ford launched Rap It Up, a initial nationally syndicated Hip Hop song show, promote on 65 radio stations. Ford co-founded a Black Commentator in 2002 and in 2006 he launched a Black Agenda Report. Ford is also a author of The Big Lie: An Analysis of U.S. Media Coverage of a Grenada Invasion.


Civil Liberties Under Assault in Ferguson As Police Attack Peaceful ProtestersJESSICA DESVARIEUX, TRNN PRODUCER: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Jessica Desvarieux in Baltimore.

On Monday, protesters filled a streets of Ferguson, Missouri, after sundown to denote conflicting a murdering of unarmed teen Michael Brown by military officer Darren Wilson. At slightest 31 people were arrested and dual were shot. This came after Missouri Governor Jay Nixon carried a curfew in a area. But in an try to pull a crowds back, military deployed noisemakers and armored vehicles while military officers dismissed rip gas and peep grenades during a crowd.

We reached Jessica Lee, who is an profession with a Center for Constitutional Rights, given she trafficked to Ferguson as a tellurian rights observer. She pronounced she witnessed military aggressive pacific protesters.


JESSICA LEE, ATTORNEY, CENTER FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS: They were here to safeguard assent and security. They did a accurate opposite. What we saw was a line of military all a approach adult and down Florissant Street, that is one of a categorical thoroughfares in Ferguson and has been arrange of an unpretentious rallying space for people.

Now, a Street had been blocked off, as it has been for many nights, for people to protest. And people were usually marching. There were families out. we was marching along with several hundred others. But we was in a brew with a organisation [who were there for a (?)] family reunion. They brought a kids down to attend in a protest. And it unequivocally was a peaceful. People were in high spirits, people were articulate with one another, though this whole time were usually surrounded by a overflow of police. And it fast incited into comprehensive disharmony and attacks on families.

It’s impossibly concerning for a right to arrange and a right to giveaway speech. You know, there’s usually no pledge of reserve here anymore. You can’t even travel down a travel with a still throng 3 hours before curfew. So we can’t do that. We don’t have any communication right now from a military to a crowds. And we weren’t warned during any indicate this was going to happen. And a accord of a people who we spoke to while we were there was that given this was before curfew, and given a travel was blocked off for this arrange of activity, people suspicion they were safe. And given we don’t have that clarity of reserve anymore, there’s a genuine chilling outcome on protests, that we cruise is violative of a right to public and a right to giveaway speech.

And, of course, there’s other concerns that this press section was strike by rip gas. The mainstream media is unequivocally going to be cold in reporting. They’re going to step back, and there are going to be stories that simply aren’t being told given a press are also fearful for their safety.

The people here are doing unequivocally an incredible, implausible pursuit during organizing themselves. we cruise on a outward everybody has a notice that there is looting and rioting. And a comprehensive immeasurable infancy of people are usually bland adults expressing their disappointment with what seems to have been a very, unequivocally prolonged story of heated savagery by a military here. And they have orderly during each level. we mean, there’s people who approach trade around a areas of protests. There are peacekeepers who keep a crowds pacific and happy and ease with one another. It’s usually unequivocally during each turn people are organizing themselves to stay safe, though also organizing to get a summary out that there needs to be probity for Mike Brown’s death. And so we wish that story gets out, given it’s not what we see on a unchanging news. There are people operative very, unequivocally tough who adore their village and wish to see it thrive.


DESVARIEUX: But a protesters in Ferguson contend they are not going anywhere until there is probity for Michael Brown. A rough private autopsy of Michael Brown showed that he was shot during slightest 6 times, including twice in a head. His family’s counsel pronounced that a news supports watcher statements that he was perplexing to surrender.

Now fasten us to get his take on these new developments is a guest, Glen Ford. He is a cofounder and executive editor of a Black Agenda Report, and he’s a unchanging writer to The Real News.

Thanks for being with us, Glen.

GLEN FORD, EXECUTIVE EDITOR, BLACK AGENDA REPORT: Oh, appreciate we for permitting me to be here.

DESVARIEUX: So, Glen, let’s start off by deliberating a conditions on a belligerent between a military and protesters. You listened what Jessica Lee celebrated on a ground. What do we cruise is critical for a viewers to cruise when they see images of these military clashes between protesters?

FORD: Well, there’s been a lot of done in a corporate media–and we suspect it’s a good thing that folks are articulate about a militarization of a police, that a scenes that we see in Ferguson demeanour like they competence be in Gaza or in assigned Iraq when a U.S. infantry were there. But they demeanour like Gaza and they demeanour like Iraq and they demeanour like function given that is in fact what a military participation is in Ferguson and in black race centers opposite a United States and has been that approach for generations. So there’s zero bizarre about a military working and sauce like an function force. That in fact is their job.

We also get, we think, too many into a legalities of what happened to Mr. Brown. What happened to Mr. Brown was a approach effect of a policing and bonds policies of a United States. That’s since it happens dual or 3 or 4 hundred times a year. That’s since a NAACP Legal Defense Fund’s call for a Justice Department to do an examination each time a military fire an unarmed black male doesn’t take into care what a Justice Department’s ability is. It would have to indeed revamp a whole group to respond to each sharpened of unarmed black people, they are so numerous, and it would have to rivet in a authorised conflict that would be consistent with probably each military dialect in a United States.

We’re articulate about something that customarily we call systemic, though we don’t explain what that complement is. It is a complement to enclose and to act as an intake valve for mass black incarceration. And with regularity, that formula in not usually thousands of black folks going into jail per week, though a certain series of them get killed along a way.

DESVARIEUX: But, Glen, we wish to go behind to my strange doubt about these clashes, given you’re going to have those that are observant that, we know, demeanour during these classes, there are some people who are indeed branch these protests as an event to unequivocally rob stores and businesses and things of that nature. And we have folks like Al Sharpton, who has has been unequivocally pursuit for ease and told protesters to stop a assault and a looting, observant that such actions strengthened a allegation debate conflicting Michael Brown. Doesn’t he have a point?

FORD: No, he doesn’t have a point, and ease hasn’t gotten us anywhere in a final 45 years. Yeah, we have to collect adult a examination that was interrupted in a late ’60s when this militarization of a military began, when black folks done or devoted in a newly rising category of black politicians to somehow solve a problem of a conflicts with police, who were behaving behind afterwards as an occupying army. Well, it doesn’t work that way. It hasn’t worked that way. Calm does not breed solutions. We don’t have unfair laws like behind in a ’60s; we have an unfair order. And to shake adult a order, folks have to mangle things sometimes.

DESVARIEUX: Okay. Alright. Let’s pronounce about something that happened over a weekend. The administrator of Missouri, Jay Nixon, he indeed was heckled during a press conference, and someone came out and said, forgive me, Governor, we need to assign that military with murder; that would move peace. What is your greeting to that? Should that move assent in your eyes?

FORD: No, it is an unfair order. Of march a policeman should be charged with murder. But what does that do? Does it stop it from function a subsequent time? Are we observant that a policeman who killed Michael Brown was some kind of brute and that kind of brute military function can be curtailed by creation an instance out of that policeman? Actually, that policeman’s function was right in balance with a function of military all opposite a country. They get parole given it is authorised behavior. They are not brute cops. If they were brute cops, we could winnow a herd. But they’re not. The whole flock knows what a pursuit is, and that pursuit is to move vigour day-to-day conflicting black populations.

And also, if we cruise that all this is about one killing, afterwards that means that we’re creation a arrogance that as shortly as this murdering in this small city is solved, that a institutional problem goes away. It does not. We need to use this event to take a prolonged and tough and unequivocally unpleasant demeanour during a black community’s attribute with a incomparable multitude and a instruments of control, that are a police.

DESVARIEUX: Yeah. And these instruments of control, we say, a military and a attribute with a black community, now Amnesty International, a story usually pennyless today, is promulgation a commission of observers and organizers who–first of a kind to indeed be deployed in a United States. What’s your greeting to that, Glen?

FORD: Well, that reminds me of a kind of annoyance that a United States found itself subjected to in a ’50s and a ’60s as internationally it was perplexing to package itself as a fountain of democracy in a Cold War with Soviet Union and didn’t wish to be broke by revelations about a tangible diagnosis of black folks. Well, we see that 50 years hence they still are and should be broke during a approach they provide black folks. And even Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch feel that they should get involved.

DESVARIEUX: So, as this story is developing, Glen, what should people unequivocally be perfectionist in your eyes? Can we pronounce to some specific things that people should be pursuit for?

FORD: Well, there are a whole horde of final that should be made, given we’re articulate about an establishment that goes to a heart of what a multitude is about. Certainly people will direct that there be some-more black police. But that’s no panacea. That’s no cure. We have vast numbers of black police, positively incomparable numbers than in prior decades, in cities around a country, and that does not stop a assault conflicting black people. People will call for village examination play of police, and that is a moral demand, and everybody should support that. But there are a series of cities that have village examination play of one kind or another, and that has not stopped a military from committing these kinds of atrocities on a unchanging basis. So reforms like this, usually like a direct for quick charge of a sold officer in Ferguson, should always be supported, though there should be no illusions that that goes to a heart of a problem and that a problem will continue unless there is a indiscriminate reevaluation and reordering of a attribute between military and a community. And that’s very, unequivocally opposite than examination play and some-more diversity.

You know, in New Orleans, that now has a heavily black military department–not as black as it should be, though black policemen have been concerned in many assassinations and injustices conflicting a black community. That’s no heal as prolonged as a police, a black police, are underneath a same pressures, a same assignment, really, as a white police, that is to keep immature black group in check by any authorised means necessary.

DESVARIEUX: When we contend “reordering”, what do we mean?

FORD: Well, one of a initial final should be that military contingency live in a village that they are ostensible to be serving. But we see that goal, as moral as it is, carrying been thwarted in many of a cities in a country; that is, we can’t charge in many places that military even live in a office that pays their salaries, many reduction in a neighborhoods where they do many of their work–or their unwashed work.

DESVARIEUX: Alright. Glen Ford, fasten us from New York City.

Thank we so many for being with us.

FORD: Thank you.

DESVARIEUX: And appreciate we for fasten us on The Real News Network.


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