EXCLUSIVE: Ivanka Trump teams adult with conservatives to pull Democratic themes


From daughter to politician.

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Ivanka Trump showed adult in Washington final year with a to-do list of policies true from a Democratic Party playbook. The president’s daughter — a former Democratic donor — wanted a administration to tackle paid family leave, equal compensate for women and affordable childcare.

She suspicion Democrats would join her in perplexing to pierce a bulletin brazen — after all, these were issues they had been championing for years and a boss had only campaigned on some of them. But Democrats pronounced her devise did not go distant adequate and while still deliberating a issues with her, they have mostly avoided teaming adult with her. So a former businesswoman has incited to conservatives to try to make a deal.

“I’m no longer surprised,” Trump pronounced about a narrow-minded lines in Washington. “I consider that there are always people that will not pierce off of their articulate points and afterwards there are a lot of people who will. You have to find a people who will; that’s how we build coalitions.”

USA TODAY took an disdainful day outing with Trump to deep-red South Carolina late final month for a taxation eventuality with Republican women hosted by GOP Sen. Tim Scott. The span worked closely on a taxation bill, including pulling for a doubled child taxation credit, that upheld late final year.

Stopping for coffee before a event, Trump was swarmed by fans who wanted a design with her and to give their thankfulness to a Trump administration — she stayed and took each final one.

“That’s what I’m articulate about,” Ken Orbeck, a unapproachable believer of a president, said when USA TODAY asked what he suspicion about Ivanka Trump’s push for paid family leave. “What has broken a United States? A detriment of a family.”

Kenneth Beattie pronounced he is “very right-wing” though he believes in “reaching opposite a table, some” and Ivanka Trump is a chairman to do it.

“I consider it’s probable (she) might be a boss in a future,” Beattie continued.

A single protester USA TODAY saw brazen of a eventuality with Scott — dozens some-more showed adult by a finish — pronounced her categorical critique of Trump was that she upheld her father notwithstanding his “inexcusable” behavior. But, she pronounced a president’s daughter “has attempted to do some good things,” including an enlargement of a child taxation credit.

Scott, who describes Ivanka Trump as a crony and ally, is anxious with a child taxation credit success and vehement to group adult with her on family policies relocating forward.

“I’m not certain since in a universe we would concede a Democrats to control family issues, that doesn’t make any clarity whatsoever,” Scott said.

On a morning American Airlines moody from Washington to Greenville, USA TODAY was seated next to Trump dual rows from a behind lavatory in coach. 

She talked about her proceed to process efforts, observant that her initial meetings on a subject are always with a people she expects to be “most resistant, since we wish to know what their arguments are.”

“There are a innumerable of plain arguments for child taxation credits. There are some that liberals will respond some-more strongly to. There are some that conservatives will respond some-more strongly to,” Trump said. “You have to know your assembly and adjust your arguments.”

“It’s always easier to be for something and not get it finished than to accommodate another viewpoint and get it done,” Trump pronounced when USA TODAY asked since she suspicion she wasn’t removing some-more partnership from Democrats who have been broadly outspoken about their support for a policy.

“I consider a lot of people get burned, actually, by perplexing to pierce legislation forward, and it’s indeed most easier not to rivet and to contend ‘This is what we wish and anything else is brief of that,’ ” she continued on a convey between a aeroplane and container claim. 

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., a regressive who leads the House Freedom Caucus, told USA TODAY that he’s had mixed meetings with Trump about topics “that conservatives would routinely not be in preference of. … She creates really constrained cases.”

Meadows, who is tighten to President Trump, spoke to USA TODAY only dual days after a boss called broadly for a paid family leave module in his State of a Union address.

“I would contend in a past, we wouldn’t have given it any possibility (of passing), though Ivanka’s advocacy for that sold emanate during slightest creates it a doubt that has to be answered,” Meadows said.

“There is no surrogate for a brag pulpit of a president” advocating for your emanate and Ivanka Trump is “obviously a vicious adviser” to Trump and his agenda, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., told USA TODAY. 

Trump’s 2018 budget called for 6 weeks of parental leave (including mothers, fathers and adoptive parents) as partial of a stagnation word program. States would be in assign of adjusting their taxation structure to accommodate a program. That could outcome in taxation increases, something Republicans have been demure to do. 

The administration is actively exploring either it can be saved alone from a stagnation word program, though officials are some-more meddlesome in removing parental leave upheld than how it’s funded.

While Republicans are open to deliberating policies such as paid family leave, quite if a boss is pulling for it, they worry about a details. 

Penny Nance is a CEO and boss of a regressive advocacy classification Concerned Women for America and she met with Ivanka Trump, who attempted to get her to support paid leave since she pronounced it was a “pro-life” idea.

“We determine with that. The doubt is, how do we do that? How do we do that so it doesn’t make it some-more formidable for women to be hired and to be promoted?” she continued.

Rep. Mimi Walters, R-Calif., has a bill that would yield incentives to businesses to give paid leave and stretchable work arrangements by nixing mandates during a state and internal turn if they participated in a program. She wants Ivanka Trump to support a check like hers instead of one that army companies to yield leave.

“As Republicans … we don’t trust in mandates, since when we put a charge on a business it creates it that most some-more formidable for a association to tarry and to thrive,” Walters said. 

Rubio also is floating an thought that would allow people to pull on their Social Security advantages early in box of puncture and check retirement formed on how many weeks they took off. Democrats pronounced such an thought was a non-starter.

But Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., wants Ivanka Trump to support her bill, which would yield adult to 12 weeks of paid leave for new relatives and people with personal or family health issues. It would be saved by a common pool built by payroll contributions done by employers and employees.

“We are so distant from a bullion customary in what we are looking for, it is a minimum,” pronounced Ellen Bravo, a co-director of Family Values @ Work, that advocates for paid family leave for both new relatives and caretakers funded by a amicable word pool like a one due by DeLauro and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.

Rubio pronounced he believes that some of a pushback from Democrats comes from “the domestic side of a Democratic celebration that doesn’t wish a boss to be successful, since they wish to better him in 2020 and they wish to take control of a House and Senate in 2018.”

“Seeing a Republican boss and a Republican Congress pass something that solves an emanate that they have prolonged talked about is substantially something that their domestic wing is not vehement about,” he continued. Then he combined that a retreat “would substantially be true” for Republicans if a Democrat had a White House and majorities in both chambers.




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