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Former veteran wrestler Kane, whose genuine name is Glenn Jacobs, won a Knox County, Tennessee Republican mayoral primary Tuesday.

Jacobs spoke with Neil Cavuto about his win and his height for a residents of Knoxville and a surrounding area if he is means to win again in November.

Jacobs bested associate Republicans Bob Thomas and Brad Anders by 17 votes.

“I only wish to see my area turn an even improved place,” Jacobs said. “I consider that we can have a tiny partial in doing that.”

Jacobs pronounced he sees himself as a “Ron Paul conservative” and combined that he is gratified with a work of President Donald Trump.

“Trump’s finished a really good job, generally with a economy,” Jacobs said. “As Republicans we have to hang by what we trust in and that is mercantile conservatism and particular freedom.”

Cavuto forked out that “Kane” had a really successful career in wrestling, and remarkable that he didn’t indispensably “need” a highlight of inaugurated office.

Jacobs pronounced he wanted to be a opposite form of Republican politician, and that people like him are indispensable in open office.

“When Republicans are in positions of power, they forget about [conservative principles],” Jacobs said.

Cavuto pronounced he also extended an talk invitation for a Democrat in a race, Linda Haney.

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