GOP Rep. Calls Out CNN: Media 'Likes to Hit Conservatives'

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KATE BOLDUAN: Let’s get some greeting to this. Joining me now is Republican congressman from Virginia, Dave Brat, a member of a House Freedom Caucus. Congressman, conclude we so much for fasten me. 

DAVE BRAT: You bet, Kate. Great to be on. 

BOLDUAN: Thank we so much. You’ve seen a tweet. You listened Phil Mattingly’s reporting. Are we spooked by the President? 

BRAT:  No, we consider whoever’s advising him, has his ear right now — we all ran in a Freedom Caucus on accurately what president trump ran on, right? Cleaning a swamp, repealing ObamaCare. The check in front of us doesn’t fully repeal, so we can have that debate, though a polling for the check right now is during 17% of the American people, right? We can do improved than that, and we are all removing to approbation for President Trump on this bill, but we have to make it better. You have to reduce prices. Prices underneath a check go adult 15% to 20% by 2020. That’s not good for the forgotten male behind home. And when we have a federal government in assign of one-fifth of a economy, that’s not removal a swamp. So, we all ran on accurately the themes a President ran on. We’re with him, though someone’s gotten into his ear. And yesterday, right, dual days ago, a Senate also — we can’t believe this wasn’t lonesome by the news — Republican leadership in a Senate pronounced they’re not going to repeal ObamaCare in this process. 

BOLDUAN: It was covered. It was covered. We lonesome it. Promise we we did. 

BRAT: we know, though that’s huge, right? 

BOLDUAN: Let me ask we this — all of this is huge, all of we are with him, you’re with a President?

BRAT: Yes. 

BOLDUAN: You review this tweet, congressman, it doesn’t demeanour like he’s with you. He says, “The Freedom Caucus is going to harm a entire Republican bulletin if they don’t get on a group and fast. We contingency quarrel them and Democrats in 2018.” Do we take that as a threat? 

BRAT: No, we don’t take it as a threat. All a conservative commentators know this check is polling during 17%. All of a open routine think tanks, et cetera. 

BOLDUAN: Right, though a President did not chop any words. He didn’t contend – 

BRAT: we get it, we get it. 

BOLDUAN: He’s not necessarily mentioning health care. He’s really specifically mentioning 2018.

BRAT: No, I’m removing with you. And Newt Gingrich a integrate days ago, everybody is observant we saved a Republican conference. When we put a check on a floor that’s during 17% auspicious with the American people, we can do better than that, right? We’d improved — that’s what will botch it for a Republican Party. We’re perplexing to assistance the Republican Party and the president by removing it right. The routine was artificially short, right? Three weeks to conduct one-fifth of a economy. It’s too short. 

BOLDUAN: You contend you’re operative with the President. What is he blank here? Because this does not demeanour like a twitter created by anyone other than a President himself. 

BRAT: Right. He is not being told that our group is operative with all of the other groups who, by a way, was a jailbreak, right? It’s all that we were against the bill. They were some-more moderates breaking from a check than the House Freedom Caucus. None of that’s been covered, right? The good stating has those numbers out there. And so, what he’s blank is, if we move a cost down by negotiating between a groups, we can get him a good bill, and I don’t consider he’s being told that’s a case. 

BOLDUAN: So, associate member of the Freedom Caucus, Justin Amash, he had something to contend in direct response to a boss this morning. I wish to lead we a twitter he put out. He wrote this — “It didn’t take long for a engulf to drain, Donald Trump. No shame, Mr. President. Almost everybody succumbs to D.C. Establishment.” Do we determine with Justin Amash? 

BRAT: we never get into a personal stuff. I only hang to policy. We can make a routine better here. It is loyal that it is really hard to empty a swamp, and when you start handling one-fifth of the economy and all that goes with it adult here, right, it’s very hard to empty a engulf when you take on one-fifth of the economy. And we’re all okay, right, pre-existing conditions, the safety net piece, a $100 billion for high risk pools back home. The House Freedom Caucus is fine. There’s been misinformation on that that we don’t consider has reached a President’s ear. 


BRAT: We’re being constructive, but the one thing we have to have is free markets in a insurance space, or we finish adult like with the financial predicament 10 years ago. We let a sovereign government-run housing. That resulted in a financial crisis, and we’re still dealing with a repercussions. 

BOLDUAN: So, congressman, Paul Ryan said in an interview, that is pretty related to what the President’s tweeting, that he’s worried if we guys don’t get on board, that a President is just going to strike a understanding with Democrats to change ObamaCare. Are we fearful of that? 

BRAT: No, I’m not fearful of that. Paul’s got it right, though he can get us on house like this, right? We were within dual points on insurance regs. If a Speaker says approbation to those couple things, we’re a yes, right? But we have to have – 

BOLDUAN: Look, if we were that close, congressman, what happened Friday never would have happened. Let’s be honest. 

BRAT: Say that again. 

BOLDUAN: If we were that tighten to striking a deal, what happened Friday when we guys had been running on repealing and replacing ObamaCare for seven years, vouchsafing it destroy like that as it did Friday, if it was as close as you’re observant right now, that never would have happened. Let’s be honest. 

BRAT: Logically speaking, we would be correct, though that is what happened. We were that tighten on the insurance regs. A few things tied together will lower prices. That was an offer of goodwill that was done in good faith to get to a yes. That package was not accepted because moderates were peeling off in a droves, right? And that is a underreported part of a story here. It’s always a mainstream media, et cetera, likes to hit conservatives. I’m – 

BOLDUAN: we guarantee we – 

BRAT: With James Madison and – 

BOLDUAN: we guarantee you, I’m articulate to moderates as well. I’ve got to run, and we know you do, too. 

BRAT: No, conclude you, Kate. 

BOLDUAN: How does it feel — and I know we pronounced you’re not going to get into a personal, but let’s speak personal, congressman. How does it feel to be lumped in with a Democrats in an attack coming directly from a Republican President of the United States? 

BRAT: we don’t caring who I’m lumped in with. I adore everybody, everybody knows that. We get along, it’s only a matter of removing good policy. So, a personal things just confuses and gets in a approach of good policy, that is what we’ve got to get to. 

BOLDUAN: Congressman, conclude we so much for your time. 

BRAT You bet. 

BOLDUAN: we adore a “Dave Brat Perspective”: Everything is good adult here. We are all removing along. I wish to know what it looks like when you’re not getting along if that’s what it looks like, congressman. 

BRAT: Right, right. 

BOLDUAN: Thanks for your time. I conclude it. 

BRAT: You bet. Thanks, Kate. 

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