How Google overtook Apple in education

Apple’s Mac and Apple II computers have been used in classrooms for some-more than 30 years, yet cheaper hardware from opposition Google is putting a fist on Apple’s widespread position in education. The dual companies aim preparation from really conflicting perspectives that play to their particular strengths. Google’s design is also rather conflicting than Apple’s, since it essentially focuses on offered hardware for students that promotes a program services, while Apple pursues a some-more hardware-specific proceed along with collection for teachers, according to a set of analysts who follow a preparation tech market.

“The movement is really overhanging in Google’s favor,” says Van Baker, investigate clamp president, Gartner. “Chromebooks are doing utterly good in a preparation sector.” 

Apple and Google in education, by a numbers

Computing device shipments to K-12 classrooms in a United States reached 10.9 million units during 2015, according to investigate organisation IDC, a sister company. Android and Chrome inclination from Google accounted for roughly 5.5 million units shipped to schools, while macOS and iOS inclination from Apple accounted for 2.9 million units, according to Linn Huang, investigate executive during IDC. The 5.5 million units Google shipped to classrooms in 2015 enclosed roughly 5.26 million Chrome OS inclination (mostly Chromebooks) and about 256,000 Android devices, according to IDC. Apple shipped about 2.1 million iOS inclination (mostly iPads) and roughly 806,000 Macs to U.S. classrooms during a same year, Huang says. 

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