How Trump's Racial Demagoguery Makes It Easier for a GOP to Sell Tax Giveaways to a Wealthy

Trump slammed normal conservatism via a GOP primary, though it’s here on taxes where he is most in line with regressive ideologues and where his module lines adult with radical Republican governance during a state turn of a past 8 years. After winning energy in states as opposite as Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin, these Republicans—led by Govs. Sam Brownback, Bobby Jindal, Pat McCrory, and Scott Walker, respectively—launched unprecedented attacks on government, slicing services, slicing assistance, and unraveling hard-fought gains in preparation and infrastructure to account experiments in upper-income taxation cuts, slicing rates to a bone and starving open coffers. Similar experiments have brought identical formula to any state: stagnant growth, rising poverty, higher income inequality, and recurring bill crises.

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