Impact of a Polygamous Marriage on Children and Family

Polygamy arises due to marriage. Marriage is tangible as a authorized amicable settlement in that dual or some-more persons come together to settle a family. Traditional tribal societies, Hindus, Muslims, and Christians view matrimony as an critical aspect that leads to a growth of humankind. All assume that matrimony usually takes place in such an instance when a adore attribute exists between dual opposite people.

Polygamy is therefore, tangible as a form of matrimony in that a man, as a conduct of a family, can have some-more than one mother during a same time. It is also tangible as a other side of a silver when it comes to monogamy. Polygamy is also represented and discussed as an stretched family structure that is traced to a form of marriages in that a father has dual or even some-more than dual wives. Polygamy is still distinguished in African countries and generally a sub-Saharan Africa, notwithstanding a hurdles that this form of establishment poses. Polygamy still exists as possibly being famous or unrecognized by a state.

Causes of Polygamy embody informative practices and amicable standing reasons:

African normal societies noticed monogamy as a healthy form of marriage. According to letter writers during SolidEssay who have created hundreds of educational papers on polygamy, a monogamous married male in many of a African communities could not mount and pronounce in front of seated polygamous married men; they were regarded as diseased group and thus, could not mount adult for his responsibilities in a society. This is one of a reasons that led to many of a African group to be polygamous in sequence for them to fit into a amicable classes. Wife estate is also another informative evil that allows group to get a mother when a father dies.

Economic reasons

In many cases in African societies, people and persons who were economically fast would marry some-more than one wife. The bad ones would go for a monogamous matrimony for mercantile stability. It was regarded as a pitch realizing economic success. Children, generally a boys in a family, could yield inexpensive labor and a source of family protection. Cheap labor also ensured that a family satisfied aloft income generations. The family’s socio-economic fortitude was afterwards achieved or realized.


Children are mostly believed to chaperon in fun to a family. The enterprise for children is hence, one of a categorical reasons as to given people marry and some get married. In cases where a mother does not bear children, a male brings a second mother in hunt of children. The problem competence be that a male himself is not in a position to founder children though mostly a women are blamed.

Migrant labor

When group are eliminated to work in towns, cities, or places distant divided from home, African normal societies concede them to have another lady who will stay with him while divided from home for work reasons.

Avoiding adultery

According to WorldCat, 99 percent of polygamous married group use this reason as justification for their undertakings.

Challenges of Polygamy

Partiality of husbands: this is where bias comes in. A conditions in that a father favors a certain mother and children. This causes conflicts within a family, between wives and between children and their father.

Impotence: this is a conditions in that a male is aggrieved given of proof to himself that he can't founder children even after removing married to some-more than dual wives. Conflicts in a family arise accusing him of not being frank and not being “a male enough.”

Competition and opposition: this is where a wives contest for adore and power. This creates them enemies and not friends that in essence, directly affects their matrimony and indirectly, affects their children.

Gossip: this is where a mother shares matrimony problems with other outsiders like friends. It’s a vital debility in a polygamous matrimony given a mother will speak ill of a other mother and her children.

Lack of trust: it is mostly loyal that women in a polygamous matrimony do not trust any other. When one mother sees a father with a other wife, she starts desiring they are articulate about her.

Education: this multiplication arises when there is inconsistency in education. Children from a certain lady competence be prepared while a other competence be non-educated. This raises conflicts among families.

Impact of polygamy

Women’s active energy was unequivocally of good significance to her husband. It served as a proceed of strengthening her husband’s power. This is one of a reasons women concurred and accepted. They were regarded as “women producers” with a principal goal in securing their marriages and as a proceed of creation their husbands happy. In box a lady unsuccessful to broach or give birth to a child, she got divorced. In other words, this enlightenment done women remove their temperament as individuals. They were usually famous by a series of children who they would give birth to and boys were higher to girls. This is an rough and astray lifestyle and enlightenment within a cycle of marriage to an African woman.

The expectancy of a polygamous matrimony is a high series of children. The inability to yield a needs to such high families has constantly put vigour on a heads of a family (husbands.) There used to be a magnitude of a “real man” in a African context. The above problems mostly led to conflicts in a family and in modernized cases to family break-ups. The disaster of a male to conduct and control his resources effectively could mostly lessen his mercantile power, repute and honour accorded by a society. As a result, this could lead to humiliation, disappointment and psychological mishap to a man.

Although, given resources is one of a wilful factors put into scale by a male before going for mixed wives, few of them will have adequate resources to accumulate for their women and children. This will make a father widespread or discharge a singular resources among a women. In this case, women in polygamous marriages knowledge singular resources and financial support as compared to women in monogamous marriages.

Wife estate also creates problems both for a children and a wife. The father competence act partially on how he treats a hereditary mother and children in regards to his possess mother and children. This creates family conflicts between children as good as permits wives to chaperon in pain rather than pleasure to a family.

In conclusion, this matrimony setup called polygamy not usually affects a father and wife, though also cascades problems down into a lives of children who are a products as a outcome of marriage. Children turn a victims of resources that they have no control over. This cryptic and opposing family emanate instills mishap in children that affects their studies and a amicable proceed to life.


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