Is there life on Mars? Evidence of aliens might have been found on a Red Planet….in 2007

Evidence of alien life on Mars might have already been found by Nasa’s corsair though scientists unsuccessful to notice, a new investigate suggests

In 2007, a Spirit corsair photographed intriguing finger-like stone formations during a Home Plate plateau, a 300 block feet area in a Gusev void nearby a Martian equator.

Scientists from a University of Arizona motionless to demeanour for matching facilities on Earth to establish how they were formed, and found scarcely matching structures during El Tatio, Chile, that were combined by a multiple of prohibited springs and crucially, micro-organisms.

The group chose to investigate El Tatio since it has conditions that are really like Mars. Situated during 14,000 feet above sea level even in summer temperatures mostly dump next frozen during night, and by day outrageous amounts of ultraviolet light from a Sun comes by a thin, dry air.

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