Letter: Protect polite liberties of students

I am a endangered citizen and Michigan resident, as good as an facile propagandize clergyman in a good state, so we have a heart for a children and schools. My heart, however, is ripped and damaged by some of a investigations per hatred crimes that are occurring in (and out) of a schools.

I will acknowledge that we trust in a country’s grounds of “innocent until proven guilty.” However, some of these events have left no doubt that they are destined during specific demographics (specifically, competition and religion). Incidents have occurred opposite a state — in DeWitt, Royal Oak and Ann Arbor, to name a few.

It appears that there is now a predicament snowballing in a state. While we positively can't envision a future, we also know that past function is a comparatively good predictor of destiny behavior. Sometimes things can be rerouted if there is suitable education, and consequences, for function that we would hold extravagantly inapt during best, and horrible and bootleg during worst.

Our state needs clever care right now. It needs a organisation stance, and not only about how we ought to be treating any other; polite liberties are being violated.

As a teacher, we know that upsetting events such as a ones function in a schools change a reserve (emotional, and infrequently physical) of all of a students.

I am beseeching Gov. Rick Snyder to charge a Michigan Department of Education to work directly with propagandize districts to make a devise for responding swiftly, and firmly, to this form of behavior. Perhaps a bloc of educators could work together to come adult with satisfactory and suitable discipline for each propagandize district.

I am unfortunate to yield assent and reserve for each singular child attending propagandize in Michigan.

Kimberly Ouellette, Lansing

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