Mourning Day: Water is Life, Life is Struggle

Photo by Gary Stevens | CC BY 2.0

Photo by Gary Stevens | CC BY 2.0


Here we are again. This time a year is 2016. It has been some-more than 41 years given we final walked giveaway and was means to see a object arise and lay and feel a earth underneath my feet. we know there have been some-more changes afterwards we can even suppose out there.

But we do know that there is a onslaught holding place as to either this nation will pierce on to a some-more tolerable approach of life. This is something we wanted to have occur behind in a seventies.

I watch a events during Standing Rock with both honour and sorrow. Pride that a people and their allies are station adult and putting their lives on a line for a entrance generations, not given they wish to though given they have to. They are right to mount adult in a pacific way. It is a biggest entertainment of a people in story and has finished us some-more connected than ever before. We need to support any other as we make a approach in these times.

Water IS life and we can't leave this emanate for a children and grandchildren to understanding with when things are distant worse for a healthy universe afterwards they are now.

And Mother Earth is already in struggle.

And we feel grief for a H2O protectors during Standing Rock given these final few days have brought a most harsher response from a law coercion agencies there and a people are suffering.

At slightest they are finally removing courtesy of a inhabitant media.

My home is in North Dakota. The Standing Rock people are my people. Sitting Bull lies in his grave there during Fort Yates. My home during Turtle Mountain is only a few hours north of Standing Rock, only south of Manitoba, Canada.

I have not seen my home given we was a boy, though we still reason out wish of returning there for whatever time we might have left. It is a land of my father and we would like to be means to live there again. And to die there.

I have a opposite feeling this year. The final time we felt this approach was 16 years ago, when we final had a genuine possibility for freedom. It is an nervous feeling. An unsettling one. It is a tough thing to concede wish to climb into my heart and my suggestion here in these cold buildings of mill and steel.

On one hand, to have wish is a joyous and smashing feeling, though a downside of it for me can be vicious and bitter.

But currently we will select hope.

I urge that we will all suffer good health and good feelings and we appreciate all of we from a bottom of my heart for all we have finished and continue to do for me and for a Mother Earth.

Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts as these final days of 2016 trip away.

I send we my adore and my honour for all of we who have collected in a name of mom earth and a unborn generations. we mount with we there in spirit.


In a Spirit of Crazy Horse.

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