Nevada GOP claimant criticizes 'rush to judgment' opposite Moore

Nevada Senate GOP candidate Danny Tarkanian on Tuesday lamented the "character assassination campaign" against Alabama GOP Senate nominee Roy Moore, who faces a spate of allegations that he had inappropriate sexual contact

Trump Is Rapidly Reshaping a Judiciary. Here's How.

“It’s such a depressing idea, that we don’t get appointments unless we have unified government, and that the appointments

How Donald Trump Taught Conservatives to Defend Roy Moore

In early 2016, at a campaign rally in Iowa, Donald Trump famously said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue

Conservatives learn a wrong doctrine from GOP better in Virginia

Similarly, Doug Schoen of Fox News

Among Republican politicians, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan

Trump, courtship Democrats, says he asked accountant how he'd be influenced by GOP taxation bill

President Trump on Tuesday made a personal appeal from across the globe to ask moderate Senate Democrats to support the emerging Republican tax plan, saying

'Republican' Is Not a Synonym for 'Racist' – The Atlantic

But race often distorts their application. When conservative politicians talk about reducing “dependency” on government, they usually mean reliance on programs like food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families,

Groups spend $30M on ads to lean opinion on GOP's taxation plan

The ink is barely dry on the House GOP’s tax bill, but deep-pocketed outside groups on both sides are already flooding the airwaves in an attempt to define the conversation

Bill Kristol on Trump, Romney, a GOP, conservatives and …

SALT LAKE CITY — Conservative commentator Bill Kristol, founder and editor-at-large of the Weekly

Conservatives strike GOP taxation check for nixing adoption credit | TheHill

The House Republican tax bill is drawing fire from the right because of a provision that would completely eliminate a tax credit for adoptive parents.

Religious groups, as well as House