Mahanoy Area house approves grave bill with taxation increase

MAHANOY CITY - The Mahanoy Area school board formally adopted the final general fund

NJ Legislature passes $34B bill with taxation hikes Christie has vowed to veto

The plan - which includes a three-year tax increase on income over $1 million and a one-year surcharge on the corporation business tax - cleared the Senate and Assembly,

Pew study: What divides a GOP coalition

Republicans broadly share a belief in smaller government, but they are sharply divided over issues including perceptions of Wall Street, the power of big corporations, the value of immigration and

Economics Daily Digest: People incite to find Wall Street is a curved road

By Rachel Goldfarb, originally published on

Wall Street and Washington Want You to Believe the Stock Market isn't Rigged. Guess What? It Still Is (

Heidi Moore says investment in

Playconomics video diversion teaches speculation of economics

So economics really is a game after all. Two economics lecturers have found that the fastest route to an undergraduate's brain is to use a computer game that plays

Tax evasion

AT A recent conference for offshore wealth managers in Geneva, Basil Zirinis of Sullivan Cromwell, a law firm, began his presentation with a discussion

Corbett Signs Holocaust Education Bill Into Law

Gov. Tom Corbett signed a Holocaust and genocide education bill into Pennsylvania state law on June 26.

The bill, which "strongly encourages" but does not require

View: Cuomo turns behind on preparation taxation credit, students

Education called polite rights emanate of today

New Family Healthcare Clinic opens in Hurricane