Marriage and Social Justice

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‘Marriage says we are family’: Birmingham women quarrel to force Alabama to … – The Huntsville Times

"We were introduced by one of my sorority sisters," Ginger said.

They started out as friends, Ginger said, adding "I had not, honestly, come to terms with my sexuality."  April called

Wis. bishop: Redefining matrimony has domino outcome on family

Governor signs anti-human trafficking bills

Former human trafficking victim Clemmie Greenlee was buoyant — and, at other times, tearful — Monday as she watched Gov. Bobby Jindal sign four bills into state law.

The measures target

Is tellurian trafficking somehow OK when finished for domestic purposes? Kevin O’Brien

Brian Duran, 14, of Comayagua, Honduras, collects his line-dried laundry at a migrant shelter in Reynosa, Mexico, on Monday. He traveled alone to the U.S.-Mexico border in

NC male charged with tellurian trafficking, hold lady serf in warehouse

Zebulon police say a German woman was held against her will in a warehouse for five days.

ZEBULON, N.C. — Police arrested a man Monday for human trafficking after they say he

San Francisco sisters arrested for allegedly using sex-trafficking ring

SAN FRANCISCO -- Two women allegedly running a sex trafficking ring in San Francisco were arrested Monday, according to the state Attorney General's Office.

The two San Francisco

No explanation same-sex matrimony destroys families, decider says

HARRISBURG — The federal judge who struck down Pennsylvania's law banning the recognition of same-sex marriage said Monday he saw no proof that same-sex marriage destroys the strength of families.


Judge: No justification happy matrimony destroys families

Associated Press

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) - The federal judge who