Parents of slain teen dedicated to finale dating violence

WAYLAND — In Malcolm Astley’s house, it looks as if his daughter Lauren will be back any moment to pack for college. In her bedroom, which she painted

Officials: Threat to Bergdahl’s Life Led to Action

The Obama administration has told senators it didn't notify Congress about the pending swap of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban officials because the Taliban had threatened to kill him

Quebec Liberals put solidify on open sector, condense taxation credits in budget

The Quebec Liberal government is proposing an ambitious belt-tightening program to achieve a balanced budget in two years.

The newly appointed Quebec Finance Minister Carlos Leitao plans to meet the zero-deficit

Proposed Spencer bill avoids taxation hike, gives compensate raises

SPENCER — While Rowan County and several towns and cities consider property tax increases next year, the proposed budget in Spencer has no tax hike and includes funding

Budget devise gives Palm Beach County 5.5 percent taxation increase

Palm Beach County’s property tax rate would not increase this year under a $1.1 billion

Red Springs OKs budget, keeps taxation rate

RED SPRINGS — The Red Springs Board of Commissioners approved a budget on Tuesday that maintains the tax rate, gives employees a raise and creates a new

Pasco preparation substructure conduct stairs down

For years, the Pasco Education Foundation knew one leader: Chip Wichmanowski.

    Jeb Bush touts Florida's education gains

    2 Months Ago

    Nearly 70 students withdraw from new charter school


Have burden and contrast in preparation left too far?: Speak out – The Times

I remember testing days in school, when they would give us slices of orange as "brain food," and we'd spend what seemed like day after day penciling in Scantron bubbles. As

Paterson preparation officials applaud convalescent prejudiced control of city schools

PATERSON – More than two dozen current and former members of the city’s Board of Education gathered on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate the