Education Superintendent John White: How do we consider he’s doing? – The Times

Louisiana Education Superintendent

White, a Teach for America alumnus seen as a rising star in the national charters-and-choice education movement,

On Thursday, the two education activists who filed that civil

New teachers kinship arch is unapologetically adversarial

NORTHAMPTON — Don’t make the mistake of talking about “teacher training” to Barbara Madeloni.

“Oh, please don’t use the word training,” she chided a reporter. “We educate teachers. We don’t train

Oklahoma repeals Common Core preparation standards

Gov. Mary Fallin signed a bill on Thursday to repeal the Common Core education standards,

Ariz. treasurer possibilities import in on preparation funding

Randy Pullen

Pullen did not respond to the

Opponents of health-care law spin to faith-based nonprofits to cover medical …

“When all this came up with the ACA, I just realized I don’t want to be a part of any of this,” said Tucker, who views the Affordable Care Act

Clinton White House was endangered with medical backlash

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Healthcare Employment Grew At Twice Its Normal Pace Last Month

The healthcare industry added 34,000 jobs last month, which amounts to twice its average monthly gain

Administration Overhauls Federal Health-Care Website

The Obama administration is revamping and scrapping significant parts of the federal health-insurance marketplace in an effort to avoid the problems that plagued

Since Obamacare Passed 50 Months Ago, Healthcare Has Gained Almost 1 …

Obamacare was

Booming growth in

Three Charged In Brutal Contra Costa County Sex Trafficking Ring

PITTSBURG (AP) — Three Northern California men are facing charges in what prosecutors say was a brutal sex trafficking ring in which women were raped and

Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick assistance figure argumentative ‘Texas Solution immigration …

Fort Worth — Attorney General Greg Abbott and state Sen. Dan Patrick, the respective No.1 and No.2 on the Texas Republican ticket, helped shape the state party’s

The Abbott and