Education issues emphasized in House District 45 primary

June 2

By Kelley Bouchard
Staff Writer

Education is a central issue for

Evolution of education: Middle schools in Israel to start training Darwin’s theory

The Israeli education system has joined the majority of the Western world in introducing the theory of evolution to middle-school pupils beginning in the next academic year, it was announced

Healthcare’s Challenge: Cut Costs But Still Meet Demands of Aging Populace

The focus in healthcare has shifted to finding ways to reduce costs while providing the best possible medical services.

But other shifts – in demographics, and in the

Senate to take adult new VA check after scandal

The bill includes several new provisions aimed at fixing the long delays for veterans' care. The long-simmering issue erupted into a scandal in April and led to last week's resignation

Homesick Snowden, be clever if Iran friends you, medical cybersecurity …

ZDNet's worldwide team provides global 24/7 technology news and analysis. In addition to my own coverage analysis here in the ZDNet Government column and on A three-year social networking-based espionage

I Had A Scary Encounter With North Korea’s Crumbling Healthcare System

Benjamin Mack

Benjamin Mack poses with a North Korean soldier.

I saw North Korea's notorious healthcare system first-hand

Report: Healthcare and Pharma Cybersecurity Ratings Poor

A "Based on our analysis, it is clear that organizations that treat cybersecurity as a strategic issue perform better than those that view it as a tactical one," said BitSight

Krell again raises human-trafficking emanate in Sacramento County DA race

Maggy Krell once again has sought to make human sex trafficking an issue in the Sacramento County district attorney’s race by raising questions about how the office in recent years

Exposing a darkness: Franzen takes on quarrel opposite tellurian trafficking

Tess Franzen is every bit as tough as she is tender. The 51-year-old Rapid City woman holds a black belt in taekwondo. While that makes her a tough fighter, she also

Arrests for sex trafficking ‘tip of a iceberg’ in Tallahassee

Two people arrested and charged with the human trafficking

Human trafficking a corrupt in on-going Bay Area

The Bay Area prides itself on its progressive politics, forward-looking culture and concern for human rights around the globe. So why is this one of America's top markets for human

Local male tells offensive tales of child sex slavery