Pro-Trump group pitches GOP tax plan to conservatives | TheHill

//Pro-Trump group pitches GOP tax plan to conservatives | TheHill

Pro-Trump group pitches GOP tax plan to conservatives | TheHill

America First Policies, an organization aligned with President Trump that launched earlier this year, has come out with a six-figure ad buy to push the Republican tax overhaul in front of a conservative audience this week.

The ad will air on national conservative radio shows beginning Monday and ending Friday. The list of shows includes programs hosted by Hugh Hewitt, Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager and Rush Limbaugh.

“For too long, lobbyists in the DC swamp rigged our tax code to benefit their special interests friends, leaving the middle class holding the bag,” Katrina Pierson, a former spokeswoman for Trump’s presidential campaign, says in the ad.

America First Policies said the ad spend is approximately $135,000.

“The swamp is deeper than we thought,” Pierson adds.

“And the special interests will do anything to stop us. That’s why we need patriots like you to take a stand. You can help President Trump take our country back by joining us and taking action.”

The ad buy, which was first reported by McClatchy, comes after the House last week passed tax-reform legislation and as the Senate works through its own tax bill, which differs from the version passed in the lower chamber. 

One notable difference is that the Senate bill in its current form would delay the cut to the corporate tax rate until 2019. A centerpiece of the plan cuts the corporate rate from 35 to 20 percent.

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