'Republican' Is Not a Synonym for 'Racist' – The Atlantic

But competition mostly distorts their application. When regressive politicians speak about shortening “dependency” on government, they customarily meant faith on programs like food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, housing assistance, and Medicaid, all of that disproportionately advantage African Americans. They compensate reduction courtesy to a roughly $20 billion a year that a sovereign supervision pays farmers. Or a 1872 law that allows mining companies to franchise sovereign land for $5 an hactare and keep whatever they puncture up. Or Supplemental Security Income, differently famous as disability. These forms of dependency, that offer outsize advantages to white people, bleed partially small worried outrage.

Similarly, many conservatives demanded harsher sentencing during a mostly African American moment epidemic, nonetheless now uncover distant reduction unrestrained for imprisoning opioid addicts—most of whom are white. For years, conservatives attempted to safety a normal family by outlawing same-sex marriage. They didn’t try to outlaw heterosexual divorce. Senator Ted Cruz has called fortifying eremite leisure his “life’s passion.” But not when it comes to Muslims. In 2015, he reintroduced a Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act, that could have, among other things, empowered a supervision to tighten mosques.

There are, to be sure, right-leaning intellectuals who would acquire a uniform focus of regressive tough love. But advocating a mass seizure of white opioid users, a finish of plantation subsidies, and a crackdown on easy divorce would expected mangle a Republican Party. So GOP politicians mostly finish adult perfectionist some-more independence and dignified shortcoming from black, female, LGBT, and newcomer Americans than from their possess white, male, straight, native-born supporters. “Racism,” Ta‑Nehisi Coates has created in these pages, “is not merely a uncomplicated hatred. It is, some-more often, extended magnetism toward some and broader doubt toward others.” It is accurately this racialized inconsistency in magnetism and doubt that plagues many regressive policies today.

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