Ridgway legislature passes rough bill with no taxation increase

RIDGWAY — Ridgway Borough Council upheld a rough bill on Monday that includes no taxation increase.

The ubiquitous account budget, that sits usually above $1.8 million, was authorized with a 4 to 3 vote; Councilmen J.R. Geitner, Sam MacDonald and Dale Anderson placed a votes opposite a budget’s adoption.

The ubiquitous account was a core of contention during prior bill seminar meetings as a councilmen attempted to tighten a necessity of approximately $115,000.

Geitner, MacDonald and associate Councilman Frank Quattrone were in preference of augmenting taxes by one indent to assistance compensate for increasing military coverage.

Starting in 2016, a precinct authorized a ask by a military dialect to make certain that dual officers are operative any shift. This change will need a precinct to spend an additional $50,000 on military coverage in 2017.

Ultimately, a 4 remaining councilmen upheld regulating $115,000 from a borough’s trucked rubbish account to cover a ubiquitous account deficit.

The ubiquitous account bill now facilities a $188 projected over-abundance for a year.

Officials pronounced a ubiquitous account bill will also embody $30,000 for a glow dialect to squeeze a corresponding vehicle.

Anderson against a inclusion of this responsibility in a budget, observant a dialect did not need a new vehicle.

Apart from a ubiquitous account budget, a borough’s distraction account bill was a usually other account to be authorized but a unanimous vote.

Meanwhile, by a 5 to 2 vote, a precinct authorized a distraction account budget.

Geitner settled before a opinion there was no income enclosed in a 2017 distraction account bill for improvements to a borough’s parks.

MacDonald questioned a new swimming pool rates.

For 2017, a borough’s pool rates for yearly memberships will all double. For daily rates, a adult rate will boost from $4 to $6; a child rate will boost from $3 to $5; and a comparison rate will boost from $2 to $5.

The new rates were authorized following a 4 to 3 vote; Geitner, MacDonald and Quattrone against a motion.

The borough’s exclude budget, apparatus debasement budget, debt use budget, engine permit budget, cesspool budget, H2O bill and joist account all upheld around a unanimous vote.

In other matters, precinct officials authorized a squeeze of dual properties from a repository and sole dual empty lots that structures were formerly demolished from.

Borough officials authorized a squeeze of 18 Elk Ave. and 426 E. Main St. from a repository for $50 each. The purpose of a purchases is to explode a existent structures.

Additionally, a precinct supposed bids for 266 W. Main St. and 13 Penn Ave. for $4,000 and $4,400, respectively.


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