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DuBOIS — The Sandy Township Supervisors supposed a 2017 due $10,163,198 bill Monday, that includes no skill taxation increase.

The genuine estate levy of 15 mills includes 12 mills for ubiquitous government, 2.5 mills for glow insurance and one-half indent for a DuBois Public Library.

It means a owners of a $50,000 skill will compensate about $187 in taxes to a township. Residents also compensate skill and other taxes to Clearfield County and a DuBois Area School District.

The due ubiquitous account bill lists revenues of $5,138,000, an boost 1,177,800 from final year’s budget, and losses of $5,071,250, an boost of $736,800 from final year’s budget.

The due bill includes $5,072,250 for a ubiquitous fund, $1,902,100 for glass fuels and $3,188,848 for a metropolitan management that includes $2,297,000 for cesspool and $891,848 for water.

Supervisor Dave Sylvis thanked Monella and a other employees who worked diligently on a bill and holding a line again on taxes this year.

“Thanks, Dave, for all we do,” Monella said.

Supervisors’ Chairman Jim Jeffers pronounced he was also happy that Monella and a staff could keep a bill during no taxation increase.

The due bill will be on open arrangement commencement currently (Tuesday), with final adoption of a bill scheduled for Dec. 19.

Monella gave an refurbish on a fume contrast on a categorical and parallel cesspool lines.

“The camera organisation is still out there. To date, they have about 150 laterals complete,” Monella said. “There are about 80 manholes that are inspected.”

All of a fume contrast that a municipality wanted to have finished with Gwin, Dobson Foreman Inc., of Altoona, is finished now, Monella said.

“We still have some fume contrast we wish to do in a West Liberty and Slab Run areas,” Monella said. “Things are going well.”

Supervisor Mark Sullivan asked if there are any “big surprises” as a outcome of a contrast and Monella pronounced there were none.

Sylvis thanked Monella for all a tough work on removing a fume contrast done. He also thanked a employees for all a projects they finished this summer.

“They did a lot of work for a municipality this year and we conclude all that they did,” Sylvis said. He also concurred a military and glow departments for all of their tough work.

“Along with a glow department, we beheld a news a final dual days, with a cold weather, comes a fires, too,” Sylvis said. He urged a open to check their furnaces and get all prepared to go since winter is really here.

“After 45 years with a glow department, we know when a initial cold snap hits, that is when a fires start,” Sylvis said.

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