Tim Tebow On Marriage and Family: ‘I Want My Kids to Know My Dad.’

Tim Tebow has never been bashful about his query for love.

Over a years, the former quarterback turned baseball player has told PEOPLE that he’d adore to get married and have children — generally by adoption.

But with his father’s Parkinson’s illness diagnosis, suggested exclusively in this week’s PEOPLE, Tebow, 29, realizes that his hunt will eventually have to turn a priority.

“Baseball takes a lot of time,” he says, “and it’s not like we don’t have several other full-time jobs. But I’m unequivocally prepared for a attribute and I’m looking brazen to it. we can’t wait for that, and we can’t wait to have kids.”

Tebow has a unequivocally tighten attribute with his parents, Bob, 68, and Pam, 67. In this week’s emanate of PEOPLE, he speaks about their change on his life — and says he wants his destiny children to learn from them as well.

“I wish my kids to know my dad,” he says, “and to learn a same lessons from him that we did. That would make me happy.”

Waiting for a Right Woman

As he approaches 30, Tebow says he’s perplexing to be patient.

“I can’t wait, though we consider it’s something that I’ll have to trust God for,” he says. “He’ll move someone along during a right time. But that doesn’t meant that we don’t wish it, though!”

“I consider when we find a right woman, I’ll make her a priority,” he also says. “You don’t know where you’ll accommodate a right chairman at, so we can’t make it a priority until we find a right woman.”

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“I’m looking for a lady who I’m captivated to,” he continues. “I consider that’s a unequivocally large partial of it. People will contend it’s only about a inside. No. It’s about both. You have to be captivated to her inside and out.”

As for common interests, Tebow says it’s not a necessity.

“People always contend you’ve got to find someone with a same likes as you. we don’t consider so,” he says. “She can have opposite likes than me; she’s only got to adore Jesus and adore people. That’s what I’m looking for.”

“Beyond that, we unequivocally wish someone who enjoys life,” he adds. “I wish someone who everyday, we wish to be a improved chairman for her.”



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