‘True Life’ Check-In: Are Sara And Desiree Still Feeling Pressure From Their …

MTV’s latest “True Life” told a stories of dual immature women confronting a conflict of a gush — and traffic with their boyfriends’ frustrations over their additional weight. We had an event to check in with Sara and Desiree to find out what they’ve been adult to given filming wrapped. Take a demeanour during a follow-up QAs:


How’s it going with your weight loss, practice and diet?
I’ve been operative out 3 to 5 times a week. I’ve been practicing yoga and holding Zumba classes. On a weekend, [my boyfriend] Enrique and we travel or lope 3 miles during a beach together. We also go to a gym together a integrate times a week. I’ve mislaid about 15 pounds given starting my practice slight and eating healthier, and we devise to remove more. Finding something we indeed suffer doing has done it easier to hang to my practice goals.

Has Enrique stranded to his guarantee and corroborated off about your weight, or is he still creation comments?
Enrique still encourages me to work out and eat healthy, though he has stopped creation disastrous and hurtful comments about my weight.

Has he mislaid a weight he gained after relocating in with you?
Yes…and he continues to go a gym 4 to 5 times a week, for during slightest 3 hours any time.

What was it like pity your story with us?

Sharing my story was kinda frightful when meditative about a disastrous comments viewers might make about us, though it was also an engaging experience. It did make me simulate on my life and consider about what we wish and don’t wish in a partner. I’ve satisfied that we don’t merit for my beloved to make degrading, hurtful comments to me, and we won’t put adult with it. we consider pity a story has helped Enrique rather know where I’m entrance from and see things from my indicate of view.

When are we and Derrick going to get married?
We’re going to tie a tangle in Oct 2015.

How’s your baby doing?

My baby is doing well. He is a exhale of uninformed atmosphere to my lungs. I’m so unapproachable of him doing well, deliberation he was a beforehand baby.

Now that you’re a new mom, do we have time to exercise?
Yes, we find myself walking a lot more, and we take time to do some exercises during home.

Are we and Derrick staying active together?
We’re still doing some-more active things together. We’ve softened a lot given a show, and we’re awaiting to do even some-more new things.

What have we and Derrick been doing given sharpened ended?
We’re both being good relatives to a son. He is a series one priority in a lives now. We’re still perplexing to pursue a dreams in a song business.

What was it like pity your story with us?
The tour by this whole knowledge of pity my story was an secure memory. I’m so happy that I’m means to keep a transformation of being large and beautiful. It’s wonderful, though being healthy is a many critical thing. Through my struggles of losing weight, we schooled to be encouraged by my desired ones. we know there are a lot of girls going by this and struggling with weight loss. I’m a declare to tell people to never give up; find whatever your proclivity is to make a change, and do it. That’s what got me by a tough times of wanting to give adult and relapse on my diet and exercises, so we wish my story touches lives.

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